Smart Clinic Letter:
  • Cloud based system for easy access and storage
  • Uniform consultation letter format with all the sections for easy and quick data capture
  • Clinic letter format suitable for adults and paediatric patients
  • Follow-up visits or visit to other doctor in the same hospital can fetch all patient information (such as past medical history, family history, drug history, vaccination history etc) avoiding repetition and saving of time
  • Medication list can be fetched from drug history saving significant amount of time, medication section is linked to CIMS API for safe prescribing
    Drug – drug interaction
    Drug – disease interaction
    Drug – allergy alert
  • ICD-10 code for diagnosis for easy audit and research
  • QxMD calculator for quick risk score calculations for efficient management
  • Patient recommendation template for standard instructions
  • Electronic referral within and outside of the hospital
  • Easy generation of clinic letter and separate standard prescription
  • Key finding feature for easy access to interesting letter
  • Access to all clinic letters of a patient for better diagnosis and follow-up plan