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Smart reporting system was initially conceptualized and developed out of need for robust yet economical reporting system for day-to-day practice of doctors and technicians in the field of Cardiology.

The Need

The current practice in majority of centers of echocardiography reporting is that the doctor or sonographer performs the image acquisition, write down the numbers manually on a paper, calculates and interprets various parameters like chamber volumes based upon normal reference values published in the standard guidelines, the typist types and prepares the provisional report. This, then gets seen by the consultant and corrected for any errors. The final report eventually gets printed out and manually signed by the consultant.

This process involves several steps which needs to be done manually and makes it prone to human errors. In most places, there is no uniform reporting system and templates are generated on simple word documents by copying from previous reports. They generally rely upon such readymade templates or type many sections of the report manually. This leads to multiple errors, most of which are rectified on the go at various levels, but many still get missed by their virtue. Some of them are even serious in nature which can misguide the treating doctor resulting into serious medicolegal issues. Overall, the whole process consumes significant amount of time and reduces productivity.

The Solution

We have come up with a solution that can ameliorate these issues by automation and intelligence. If the numbers can come directly from the machines into the report and can be analyzed with standard reference ranges, most of the errors can be reduced and significant amount of time can be saved.

In addition, section wise reporting rather than template-based reporting will get the performer more involved in the reporting and make it more systematic and complete. Various frequently used dropdowns reduce frequent spelling errors. Overall, the whole process can be completed within a significantly less amount of time which leads to more efficient working and productivity. System also provides simultaneous viewing of study images for quick verification.


System was initially implemented in our department and gradually fine-tuned. We realized that the initial reporting time of 15-20 minutes came down to less than 5 minutes with significant reduction in number of errors. This enabled us to spend more time in post-processing like volumetric quantification of chambers and strain imaging. This brought quality and meaning to the echocardiography reports. Now with automatic integration of parameters, the routine echo reports can be generated in less than a minute's time. Later, we extended this logic to all cardiac investigation reporting like Stress test, Holter monitoring, Ambulatory BP monitoring, Stress echo, Six-minute walk test etc.


The results made us believe that the system should be available for all the clinicians with a vision to bring uniformity, quality, efficiency and productivity to Cardiology reporting but at the same time, it should be affordable. There are several reporting software’s currently available in the market but majority of them are too expensive with a lot of restrictions as upgrading and updating of system costs extra. We aim to provide all updates and upgrades to all customers till their subscription is active at no additional charge.

The Bonus

Being a cloud-based reporting makes the system accessible from anywhere. In addition, system has “Smart Clinic Letter” for consultation notes and prescriptions. The Clinic Letter module will be equipped with ICD-10 based symptoms / diagnoses, clinical scores / calculators and smart prescriptions which can alert the doctor for any drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions and contraindications. Clinic letter is fully integrated with CIMS to help physician prescribe drugs in most efficient way. This clinic letter will be suitable for all medical specialties.

This system, in future, will allow patients to have access to their medical records for viewing and printing as well. This will ensure that most valuable medical data do not get lost and remains accessible in case of an emergency.

Future plan

Team plans to have invasive cardiology module, in-patient EMR module, patient module and more.

Founder - JHK HealthTech Private limited
MBBS MRCP CCT Cardiology (UK)
Cardiology consultant & Head NIC
Fortis hospital Mulund, Mumbai

Our Team

Business Partner & Finance Head

Krupa Vyas

MCom, MBA Finance
9 years of corporate experience
5 years of business experience

Software Training Manager

Neha More

BPMT Cardiology
6 years of clinical experience as senior cardiac technician